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Update by user Oct 14, 2018

It’s been weeks since this issue has been brought back up for a fair resolution, but due to their lack of response —it seems as if they’re uninterested in resolving what’s clearly an unethical move/action on their part as a business. This issue originally occurred in 2012. I was also a dance student with their dance academy..but it’s about alright.

Original review posted by user Oct 13, 2018

Arya Intl. hosted a pageant in the city of Irving, after deciding to teach dance classes in the Irving and Coppell, Texas area.

I participated in the pageant held in Irving, Texas and had explicitly asked the event emcees to announce the sponsor for helping me choreograph the dance, create the dance music and for providing my costume for the dance performance I was performing for the talent round of the pageant (as directed by the Arya representative/my previous dance teacher Manisha Narwani to do) but of course—they didn’t announce the sponsorship. This has caused the production company I was a member of at the time and was so generous and kind enough to help me participate in the pageant to not benefit whatsoever from the pageant. This company is unjust, and it’s business practices are unethical and therefore, the company itself is not worth partnering with. Please do not send your kids here.

There are much better dance production companies and pageants being hosted by other respectable, reputable organizations in the area/surrounding area to send your kids to!

Do not place your trust in this company. I’d also contacted them to discuss this issue, but it’s been weeks and of course—they still haven’t responded.

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