These people only care about personal profit and not about the students. Prashant is the biggest hypocrite alive.

He always preaches about the students' commitment and how they should not miss anything and how they must ask him for permission to do other things, but he himself lies and deceived his students. He always tells his students that he will only be in India for 2 weeks when in reality he leaves for months. Knowing Arya, they probably still charge us for his absence because he's so qualified and dedicated to teaching (NOT)!! They are only for personal gain.

When it was time for my daughter to graduate, they kept pushing back the meeting and when they finally had it, there was no further communication. Rupal also had the audacity to say to one of the moms who had some great ideas that they were "petty". Prashant never sticks to his word and if you just want your child to be a bollywood dancer, know that all of the bigger opportunities do not go to classes. Students must pay an arm and a leg to participate in their troupe, where they will just be shoved in the back to not be seen in a large group.

If your motive is to be a classically trained and have performing opportunities DO NOT TAKE YOUR KID TO ARYA. They are abominable people and Rupal ties down her family to work for her not even real employees. Please do your children a favor and go to AUM or Bina Menon- they will make your kids real dancers not just pawns in a game of money. Prashant has taught the girls that they are great dancers and they have great potential.

However, when it comes time to graduate, they do not try to accommodate to the girls, but instead to them. In a class of 6 girls, half of them could not make it to the graduation but they are so stubborn to not change the date because they need it to work for them ONLY.

As mentioned above, do not waste your money at at Arya. Rupal no longer cares about the students, but about the money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arya Dance Academy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Oh my god you said what I have from my side, yes the classes are not for for classical dances. There are tins of classical dancers who will teach your child like their true decipal.

They turn them self up side down when it comes to graduate their students. ARYA IS ONLY MONEY MAKING COMPANY AND WE PARENTS are so fool to keep paying what ever Arya chewed just to sale of our child. Rupal even told my daughter and her friend that they can pack their bags and leave the event:

Its has very low standard.

All her relatives works ( not when it comes to clean the studio or trace cans or front of the building) for her and all get to watch the celebrities show , dance with celebrities in free cost.

They also threat their teachers if they talk behalf of their best students. I have 0 star to this academy



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